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Do you owe Lantern Debt Recovery Services?

Lantern Debt Recovery Services buy existing debt from several different companies. If the debt company you owe money to have sold the debt to Lantern you will now owe the money to them instead.

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Is Lantern a real company?

Yes, Lantern, known as Lantern Debt Recovery Services are a legitimate debt recovery company based in Leeds, United Kingdom, that has been in the business since 2008.

They are a debt collection agency that specializes in assisting businesses with debt recovery.

Why are they contacting me, specifically?

Don’t ignore Lantern debt collection agency if you’ve gotten any communications from them. It’s probable that one of the businesses which collect debts from another party is owed money by you. Perhaps you have an outstanding bill or a consumer credit agreement breach.

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Who are the Lantern Debt collecting for?

Lantern Debt Recovery Services are known to collect debt for companies such as:

  • O2
  • EE
  • Virgin Media
  • Payday Loans
  • HMRC

Lantern should not be ignored since your debt problems will only get worse if you do. Contact our team at Become Debt Free for support by calling 0113 237 9503.

How do Lantern contact me?

Lantern Debt Recovery Services will most likely first send you a debt letter that explains the total amount that must be paid off. They will also send you a list of next steps that you can expect if you don’t come to a payment arrangement with them, such as:

  • Numerous Phone Calls
  • One of their agents visiting you at home
  • A County Court Judgment
  • Potentially threats of making you bankrupt.

Being a debt collection company Lantern Debt frequently ignores the demands and lives of its debtors. They place a lot of emphasis on retrieving as much money as possible, regardless of the effect it has on the debtor or his or her family since they get a commission for the money they collect. Its always best to seek free debt advice.

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What if I don’t have enough money to pay off all of my outstanding debts with Lantern?

If you can’t afford to pay off your debt in full, contact Lantern Debt Recovery Services about establishing a more affordable payment plan.

What if Lantern has contacted me regarding a debt that isn’t mine?

It’s not unusual to get a debt letter concerning a debt that belongs to a former resident of your home or even a family member. You must contact Lantern as soon as possible. They may request evidence of your identity before they will remove your information from their case file.

Should I get in touch with Lantern?

The worst thing you can do is put off dealing with the Lantern debt collectors because your debts may grow and result in legal action. Making a lump sum payment to get rid of Lantern is the most effective method for removing it. Always contact debt collection companies.

If you owe money to more than two creditors and are struggling to repay it, you can contact us on 0113 237 9503 for free support on debt solutions for Lantern debt.

You may contact Lantern Debt Recovery by using the following details:

  • Email: ( include your reference number and your contact number)
  • Phone Call: 0113 887 6876
  • Post: Lantern Debt Recovery Services Ltd, Protection House, 83 Bradford Road, Leeds, LS28 6AT
  • Website:

Shall I pay off my account with Lantern?

A debt collector uses sophisticated technology to keep track of how much debt each debtor owes, so it’s unlikely they’ll forget about the money you owe them.

The only way to get rid of Lantern Debt from your life is to follow one of the options listed below:

  • If you can pay off your entire debt including any costs or interest, then do so.
  • Agree to a debt settlement with them by agreeing to a lower payment.
  • Agree on a repayment arrangement such as a payment plan
  • Get debt advice to understand your full range of options. For example, if you have debts with multiple creditors and can’t afford to pay, then you may qualify for an IVA. An IVA helps by enabling you to make affordable monthly repayments over a fixed period of time. It also helps to have debt written off.

Is there a possibility that my debt will be increased?

Lantern Debt Recovery Services frequently add fees on top of your outstanding debt; for example, if they bring you to court and send an enforcement agent, also known as a bailiff, to your home. They are probably going to charge each time they visit.

Is Lantern prepared to take me to court if I don’t pay?

Yes, being a debt collection company, if debt clients do not respond to communications or fail to agree on a payment plan, Lantern Debt Recovery will bring them to court as a last resort.

A County Court Judgement (CCJ) is a legal mechanism for compelling someone to accept responsibility for their debt. If you receive a CCJ for your outstanding obligation, you must repay it within 30 days to avoid having it recorded on your credit file for the next six years. A CCJ will have an impact on your capacity to obtain credit.

What are my rights if I am in contact with Lantern?

The government has made efforts to reduce some of the unethical practices employed in the debt collection business. However, we still hear stories about people being intimidated by these firms in order to pressure them into making a loan payment.

You have the following rights when faced with debt collectors:

  • They should only email you a ‘moderate’ number of times regarding your debt, however this is somewhat flexible.
  • They can’t discuss the specifics of your debt or request that someone make a payment if it’s only yours. This restriction is due to data protection laws in the United Kingdom.
  • Bailiffs are unable to force entry in most cases and must wait until a specified time of day to do so.
  • The business must communicate honestly; that is, they can’t fake paperwork to seem like formal court orders to get you to let them in or make a debt payment.

You should not be the target of bullying, intimidation, or physical or verbal abuse. The typical variety of communications from these businesses, on the other hand, may be intimidating when you are in debt.

Will I end up in prison if I don’t pay my debt?

If you don’t communicate or agree on a debt settlement strategy with Lantern, they have the authority to take your case to court, but this will not result in imprisonment because of your debt. They are more likely to ask for court orders that would improve their chances of collecting your debt.

Do not let your debt progress to litigation. Contact us to see if we can help guide you.

Lantern may dispatch bailiffs, also known as enforcement agents, to your property to collect payment of your debt account if it goes to court. The debt collectors are unable to force entry You have the legal right to prevent them from entering your house unless they are collecting specific sorts of debt, such as:

  • Income tax for HMRC
  • Stamp duty
  • Criminal fines

Even if a bailiff has the legal right to force entry, this usually entails breaking into your house through an open window or hiring a locksmith to gain access via the front door.

A bailiff coming to your property might be a frightening experience. They’ll most likely charge additional fees for each visit they make. If you receive a call from Lantern, please contact our team of specialists at Become Debt Free and we can try to handle Lantern on your behalf.

When bailiffs arrive at your home, what things will they take?

If the enforcement agent has a court order or other authorization allowing them to take goods, they will concentrate on high-value goods like jewellery and electronics that are simple to sell. They are not permitted to seize items such as bedding, clothing or cooking appliances.

Debt collectors can collect directly from your earnings if the court gives them an “Attachment of Earnings” order. Before you receive the money, your employer receives a notification telling him to send you the specified payments from your earnings.

Is Lantern Limited a genuine business?

Yes, Lantern are genuine. Their records at Companies House contain the following information:

  • Company Number: 06637307
  • Registered Location: England & Wales
  • Registered Office Address: Protection House, 83 Bradford Road, Leeds, LS28 6AT

Lantern is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), registration number 718024.

What if I’m dissatisfied with Lantern in any way?

In the first place, you should contact Lantern regarding any concerns using one of the following methods:

You’ll need to include your name, file number, phone number and a message explaining why you have reason to complain.

Keep a copy of everything you receive from the debt collector, as well as any correspondence you send them about your debt.

I’m not satisfied with how Lantern handled my issue.

If you don’t get a satisfactory response from Lantern about your allegations, you can elevate the issue. You may contact one of the following bodies, depending on the nature of your complaint:

  • Contact the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) about issues related to financial products that come under the regulation of the Consumer Credit Act.
  • Get in touch with the Information Commissioner for complaints regarding the protection of your data.
  • Make contact with the Credit Services Association (CSA) on matters relating to the CSA Code of Practice for debt collection agencies.

Where can I get free debt help?

You can contact us at Become Debt Free on 0113 237 9503, or leave an enquiry on our website. We offer a free debt advice service and offer advice on a range of debt solutions to suit your needs for dealing with Lantern debt recovery services.

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